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“Wait Until They Discover a Tech Pause…” – Twitter Community Responds Hilariously on the Lineup Of Olympic Esports

Published 03/02/2023, 12:10 PM EST
Esports have finally made it to the big leagues as recently the International Olympics Committee announced that they would finally start holding the Esports series from 2023 onwards. People have been rejoicing thinking of this announcement as the biggest step in Esports yet.
This announcement also came with every single game that would be featured during this event. And it appears most of these games are not what a typical Esports fan might be expecting. Yes, Valorant and Counter-Strike are missing from this list!
Esports have finally made it to the Olympics, but with an unexpected line-up!
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When we usually talk Esports, it is assumed we are talking about games like Valorant, Counter-Strike, Super Smash Bros., Tekken, etc. But it appears the Olympics committee has decided to define Esports in its own way.
They have revealed their line-up of sports to be featured in the upcoming Esports series. And to the surprise of every gaming fan out there, the above-mentioned shooters and fighting games are missing from this list.
Instead, this series has several categories with games corresponding to that categories. These categories are mentioned below along with the game featured in that category.
Archery- Tic Tac Bow
WBSC eBASEBALL: POWER PROS Chess- Cycling- Zwift
Zwift Dance- Just Dance
Just Dance MotorSport- Gran Turismo
Gran Turismo Sailing- Virtual Regatta
Virtual Regatta Taekwondo- Virtual Taekwondo
Virtual Taekwondo Tennis- Tennis Clash
Even though this line-up is missing a shooter category, it is understandable if the committee decided to exclude games with too much violence in them from this line-up. When was shooting people in the face ever a sport anyway?
Those interested would be able to attend the Qualifiers from March to May 2023. And the finals would be held in the Month of June. No matter the list of games featured, it is a great moment that video games have finally been recognized as a sport. Those shooters can be added in the coming future when this Esports Olympic series catches some wind and starts sailing.
Fans seem to be very disappointed about this list
While many are very happy about this thing finally happening, others cannot get over the fact that this list is missing some major real Esports titles. There are some people on Twitter poking fun at this list of games calling them Wii Games.
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What are your thoughts on the list? Do you think this is the right start to Esports in the Olympics? Share your thoughts in the comments below.
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