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[UPDATED Jan. 12, 2022] 2022 Preseason megapost: All transfer news, reports, and confirmed rosters

The 2021 League of Legends World Championship does not begin for another few weeks, but already, teams unable to attend are beginning to make changes and rumblings of roster moves are being heard throughout the globe. With this page, Inven Global will track all known, reported, and confirmed roster changes to the teams of the four major regions: the LCS, LEC, LCK, and LPL.
Table of contents
Click on an item or team name to jump to it. Confirmed player signings are in green. Confirmed player departures are in strikethrough red. Transfers reported by reputable sources are in purple or strikethrough purple (for departures). Fully confirmed roster line-ups are also in green.
Latest transfer news
LCS rosters
LEC rosters
LCK rosters
Latest transfer news
Jan. 12 — Dignitas complete rosters & staff for 2022 LCS & LCS Academy seasons
Jan. 10 — Cloud9 complete coaching staff for 2022 season
Jan. 7 — Clearlove returns to EDward Gaming staff as supervisor for LPL 2022
Jan. 6 — Xiao17 leaves JD Gaming, joins organization’s academy team Joy Dream
Jan. 5 — Victory Five promotes Invincible & Dream to LPL 2022 roster
LCS rosters
100 Thieves Pos. 2021 2022 Top Ssumday Ssumday
Tenacity Jungle Closer Closer Mid Abbedagge Abbedagge ADC FBI FBI Support Huhi Huhi H. Coach Reapered Reapered
Cloud9 Pos. 2021 2022 Top Fudge Summit Jungle Blaber Blaber Mid Perkz Fudge
ADC Zven Berserker Support Vulcan Winsome
Isles H. Coach mithy LS
Counter Logic Gaming Pos. 2021 2022 Top Finn Jenkins Jungle Broxah Contractz Mid Damonte
Pobelter Palafox ADC WildTurtle Luger Support Smoothie Poome H. Coach Galen Thinkcard
Dignitas Pos. 2021 2022 Top FakeGod FakeGod Jungle Akaadian River Mid Yusui Blue ADC Neo Neo Support aphromoo Biofrost H. Coach Enatron
Evil Geniuses Pos. 2021 2022 Top Impact Impact Jungle Svenskeren Contractz Inspired Mid Jiizuke jojopyun ADC Danny Danny Support IgNar Vulcan H. Coach Peter Dun Peter Dun
FlyQuest Pos. 2021 2022 Top Kumo Kumo Junmgle Josedeodo
Nxi Josedeodo Mid Palafox
Triple toucouille ADC Tomo
Johnsun Johnsun Support Diamond
Dreams aphromoo H. Coach Kanani Sharkz
Golden Guardians Pos. 2021 2022 Top Licorice Licorice Jungle Iconic Pridestalker Mid Ablazeolive Ablazeolive ADC Stixxay Lost Support Chime Olleh H. Coach Inero Inero
Immortals Pos. 2021 2022 Top Revenge Revenge Jungle Xerxe Xerxe Mid Insanity PowerOfEvil ADC Raes WildTurtle Support Destiny Destiny H. Coach Guilhoto Invert
Team Liquid Pos. 2021 2022 Top Alphari
Jenkins Bwipo Jungle Santorin Santorin Mid Jensen Bjergsen ADC Tactical Hans Sama Support CoreJJ CoreJJ
H. Coach Kold Guilhoto
TSM Pos. 2021 2022 Top Huni Huni Jungle Spica Spica Mid PowerOfEvil Keiaduo ADC Lost Tactical Support SwordArt Shenyi H. Coach Bjergsen Chawy
LEC rosters
Astralis Pos. 2021 2022 Top WhiteKnight WhiteKnight Jungle Zanzarah Zanzarah Mid MagiFelix Dajor ADC Jeskla Kobbe Support promisq promisq H. Coach AoD AoD
Excel Esports Pos. 2021 2022 Top Kryze Finn Jungle Dan
Markoon Markoon Mid nukeduck nukeduck ADC Patrik Patrik Support Advienne Advienne H. Coach YoungBuck YoungBuck
Fnatic Pos. 2021 2022 Top Adam Wunder Jungle Bwipo Razork Mid Nisqy Humanoid
Nisqy ADC Upset Upset Support Hylissang Hylissang H. Coach YamatoCannon YamatoCannon
G2 Esports Pos. 2021 2022 Top Wunder Broken Blade Jungle Jankos Jankos Mid Caps Caps ADC Rekkles Flakked Support Mikyx Targamas H. Coach GrabbZ Dylan Falco
MAD Lions Pos. 2021 2022 Top Armut Armut Jungle Elyoya Elyoya Mid Humanoid Reeker ADC Carzzy UNF0RGIVEN Support Kaiser Kaiser H. Coach Mac Mac
Misfits Gaming Pos. 2021 2022 Top HiRit HiRit Jungle Razork Shlatan Mid Vetheo Vetheo ADC Kobbe Neon Support Vander Mersa H. Coach Carter Carter
Rogue Pos. 2021 2022 Top Odoamne Odoamne Jungle Inspired Malrang Mid Larssen Larssen ADC Hans Sama Comp Support Trymbi Trymbi H. Coach fredy122 fredy122
SK Gaming Pos. 2021 2022 Top Jenax Jenax Jungle Treatz
Canee Gilius Mid Blue Sertuss ADC Jezu Jezu Support Lilipp
Bertho Treatz H. Coach Jesiz Swiffer
Team BDS Pos. 2021 2022 Top N/A Adam Jungle N/A Cinkrof Mid N/A NUCLEARINT ADC N/A xMatty
Support N/A LIMIT H. Coach N/A GrabbZ
Team Vitality Pos. 2021 2022 Top Szygenda
SLT Alphari Jungle Selfmade Selfmade Mid LIDER
Milica Perkz ADC Crownshot
Comp Carzzy Support Labrov Labrov H. Coach Tasz Mephisto
LCK rosters
Afreeca Freecs Pos. 2021 2022 Top Kiin Jungle Dread Ellim Mid Fly FATE ADC Leo Bang Teddy Support Lehends MapSSi Hoit H. Coach Cain Cain
BRION Esports Pos. 2021 2022 Top Hoya Sword
Morgan Jungle UmTi
Chieftain UmTi Mid Lava
Yaharong Lava ADC Hena Hena Support Delight Delight H. Coach Edgar
DWG KIA Pos. 2021 2022 Top Khan Hoya
Burdol Jungle Canyon
Malrang Canyon Mid ShowMaker ShowMaker ADC Ghost deokdam Support BeryL Kellin H. Coach kkOma Daeny
DRX Pos. 2021 2022 Top Kingen Destroy Kingen Jungle Pyosik Pyosik Mid Jett Zeka ADC Taeyoon Deft Support Jun BeryL H. Coach cvMax Kim
Gen.G Pos. 2021 2022 Top Rascal
Burdol Doran Jungle Clid
YoungJae Peanut Mid Bdd Chovy ADC Ruler Ruler Support Life Lehends H. Coach oDin Score
Hanwha Life Esports Pos. 2021 2022 Top Morgan DuDu Jungle Willer Willer
Mid Chovy Karis ADC Deft SamD Support Vsta Vsta H. Coach Kezman Kezman
kt Rolster Pos. 2021 2022 Top Doran Rascal Jungle Blank Cuzz Mid Dove
Ucal Aria ADC 5kid
Noah Aiming Support Harp
GIDEON Life H. Coach Hirai
Liiv SANDBOX Pos. 2021 2022 Top Summit Dove Jungle OnFleek
Croco Mid FATE Clozer ADC Prince Support Effort H. Coach Micro
Nongshim RedForce Pos. 2021 2022 Top Rich Canna Jungle Peanut Dread Mid Gori Bdd ADC deokdam Ghost Support Kellin
Effort H. Coach sBs sBs
T1 Pos. 2021 2022 Top Canna
Zeus Zeus Jungle Oner
Ellim Oner Mid Faker
Clozer Faker ADC Gumayusi
Teddy Gumayusi Support Keria
Hoit Keria
Asher H. Coach Stardust Polt
LPL rosters
Anyone’s Legend Pos. 2021 2022 Top Zdz
X917 Zdz Jungle xiaohao
Haro xiaohao Mid Forge Maple
Harder ADC Betty
ZWuJi Betty Support QiuQiu
kaixuan QiuQiu
kaixuan H. Coach Nick Rui
Bilibili Gaming Pos. 2021 2022 Top BiuBiu Breathe Jungle WeiWei
Meteor WeiWei Mid Zeka FoFo ADC Aiming
Danile Uzi
Doggo Support ppgod
Wings Crisp H. Coach Kim Dian
EDward Gaming Pos. 2021 2022 Top Flandre
Xioaxiang Flandre
Xioaxiang Jungle Jiejie
JunJia Jiejie Mid Scout Scout ADC Viper
Hope Viper Support Meiko Meiko H. Coach Maokai Maokai
FunPlus Phoenix Pos. 2021 2022 Top Nuguri
xiaolaohu xiaolaohu Jungle Tian Clid
Beichuan Mid Doinb Gori ADC Lwx Lwx
jiang Support Crisp Hang H. Coach Steak Steak
Invictus Gaming Pos. 2021 2022 Top TheShy
neny neny Jungle Ning
XUN Mid Rookie Xzz
Yuekai ADC Wink
Snow Ahn
xiaoyueji Support Baolan
Southwind Lucas
Ke H. Coach NoFe Loong
JD Gaming Pos. 2021 2022 Top Zoom 369 Jungle Kanavi
Xiao17 Kanavi Mid Yagao Yagao
Yimeng ADC LokeN
Lpc Hope
Lpc Support LvMao Missing H. Coach Chashao Homme
LGD Gaming Pos. 2021 2022 Top fearness
Garvey fearness
Garvey Jungle shad0w
Kui shad0w
Mid xiye Jay
YeG ADC Kramer Eric Support Mark
Chance Jinjiao
Chance H. Coach Maizijian X1ri
LNG Esports Pos. 2021 2022 Top Ale
M1kuya Ale Jungle Tarzan Tarzan Mid icon Doinb ADC Light
LP Light Support Iwandy
Kedaya LvMao
Iwandy H. Coach YiL YiL
Oh My God Pos. 2021 2022 Top New shanji
M1kuya Jungle Aki Aki Mid Creme
Wuming Creme ADC Able
Eric Able Support COLD
Bafang COLD H. Coach
Rare Atom Pos. 2021 2022 Top Cube Cube Jungle Leyan
Aix JunJia
Leyan Mid FoFo Strive ADC iBoy iBoy Support Hang Zorah
yuyanjia H. Coach Loong Chris
Royal Never Give Up Pos. 2021 2022 Top Xiaohu
Xiaoxu Bin Jungle Wei
lovely Wei Mid Cryin
Yuekai Xiaohu ADC GALA GALA Support Ming
Bunny H. Coach Tabe KenZhu
Team WE Pos. 2021 2022 Top Breathe Biubiu Jungle beishang View
beishang Mid Shanks
Support Missing Kedaya H. Coach Assassin Assassin
Top Esports Pos. 2021 2022 Top 369 Zoom
Wayward Jungle Karsa Tian
Mid knight knight ADC JackeyLove JackeyLove Support Zhuo
yujanjia Zhuo H. Coach WarHorse Crescent
TT Gaming Pos. 2021 2022 Top Langx
New Jungle Xiaopeng
frigid Mid Ye
Captain ADC SamD Puff Support Pudding
Pudding H. Coach Chris
Ultra Prime Pos. 2021 2022 Top zs Aliez
zs Jungle H4cker H4cker Mid xiacaobao
irma Cryin ADC Smlz Elk
lk Support ShiauC ShiauC H. Coach GreenTea JMZ
Victory Five Pos. 2021 2022 Top Aliez Rich
Invincible Jungle pzx
JugGod Karsa
XLB Mid Uniboy Rookie
Dream ADC Kepler Photic Support ZYF
Reheal ppgod H. Coach Domo NoFe



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