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Remnant 2 Launches This Summer; Handler Archetype Shown with Very Useful (and Pettable) Dog

Gearbox Publishing and Gunfire Games are ramping up the marketing for Remnant 2, sequel to the 2019 action/shooter/RPG title.
Today, the publisher and developer quietly confirmed the release window to be scheduled for this Summer. They also released a new trailer dedicated to another of the game’s Archetypes, the Handler, which comes with a very useful dog that you can also pet for maximum immersion and enjoyment.
The dog can be put in one of three modes: Attack Dog, which is for DPS; Guard Dog, which is for aggroing enemies; and Support Dog, which enables an area of effect heal for the Handler and allies. Most importantly, thanks to the Handler’s Prime Perk, it will revive the Handler or other teammates when they have been downed due to battle injuries, as long a Dragon Heart is available. Additionally, the Handler’s Archetype trait reduces all friendly fire done to themselves and their allies.
As mentioned in a recent deep dive, the Archetype system is vastly expanded in Remnant 2 compared to the original game. Each Archetype comes with its signature armor set, three unique weapons, and the exclusive Trait. However, now they also come with Perks and Skills.
Remnant 2 features five different types of Perks that can be equipped by a player character, such as Prime, Damage, Team, Utility, and Relic. For example, the Team Perk affects all allies with bonuses like more ammunition drops, increased defense, and shared healing. The Relic Perk kicks in whenever a player activates the Relic cooldown, imbuing the character with a strong buff that could potentially turn the tide of a fight.
Each Archetype also has three unique Skills to choose from. While only one can be equipped at a time, Remnant 2 lets players change them whenever they want as long as they are out of combat. Last but not least, players can eventually combine two Archetypes to create a unique class. They will have to be mindful of which Archetype is selected as the primary one, though, because only that Archetype will get to keep the Prime Perk. Furthermore, the primary Archetype’s Skills automatically receive an extra boost, such as increased damage or duration, shorter cooldown, extra charges, et cetera.
Gunfire Games also recently discussed the vastly enhanced degree of randomization they introduced in this sequel. According to CEO David Adams, players could encounter entirely different storylines, biomes, NPCs, and bosses while playing in the same area, making sure that the experience is never exactly the same.
Remnant 2 will be released on PC (Steam and Epic Games Store), PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series S|X.



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