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Record-breaking esports viewing at the weekend! Sports viewers millions

Two most important esports events culminated in the last weekend. We are talking about Worlds 2021 and PGL Major Stockholm, the equivalents of the world championships in League of Legends and CS: GO respectively. Tournaments of this type are often very popular and it was no different this time, as both of them broke viewing records.
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Over four million viewers at the Worlds 2021 final
In the beginning, esports fans had the pleasure of following the end of the LoL competition. The champions of China and Korea – EDward Gaming and DWG KIA entered the final fight. Many expected a dominant win from the Koreans, although their rivals surprised and after a full five maps they won the first world championship in EDG history.
Worlds 2021. Great sensation in the final! The champions lost their title
No wonder that with such an even series, a lot of viewers gathered in front of the screens. According to Esports Charts, the Worlds 2021 final was followed by 4,018 72 people. The previous record belonged to the 2019 M¦ semi-final, in which European G2 Esports took up T1. About 3.9 million people watched the match back then.
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Record audience at PGL Major Stockholm
A bit less, although a lot of people also gathered in front of the screens of the final duel as part of PGL Major Stockholm. We are talking specifically about 2,748,547 spectators who watched the game between Natus Vincere and G2 Esports. Despite the result of 2: 0, this one was also extremely even, so the record number is not surprising. And it is record-breaking, as the previous records belonged to the Major finals organized by ELEAGUE. Both of them gathered around 1.3 million viewers in front of the screens.
Major 2021. It was unbelievable. NAVI wins the final of dreams!
It is worth mentioning that both figures are ignored by Chinese observers, as data from China is simply very difficult to collect. This can be extremely important in the case of Worlds 2021 as League of Legends is extremely popular in the country and after EDward Gaming’s triumph, fans of the game took to the streets to celebrate.
The Chinese took to the streets in the middle of the night! Great celebration of the title of world champion [WIDEO]



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