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PUBG Mobile and Sony Xperia sign partnership for 2022 esports tournaments

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Out of all the companies who launched smartphone lineups specifically aimed at gamers, Krafton, the giant behind PUBG Mobile , chose Sony to be its official partner for the 2022 esports global tournaments. Of course, Sony ’s Xperia phones are more than capable to run PUBG Mobile, but none has been advertised as a gaming phone.Today, Krafton announced via Instagram that Sony Xperia will be the official smartphone partner for its esports global tournaments in 2022. Obviously, as part of the partnership, Sony will supply various Xperia models for pro teams engaged in the PUBG Mobile esports global tournaments.There’s no mention of which phones will be provided to PUBG Mobile pro players at these tournaments, but we assume it will be the most powerful ones like the Sony Xperia 1 III and Sony Xperia 5 III . Although PUBG Mobile isn’t that demanding when it comes to hardware, pro players will benefit a lot from the 120Hz refresh rate since they will get more frames-per-second (FPS).Both Sony Xperia phones we’ve mentioned have large OLED displays that support 120Hz refresh rate and would be suitable for shooter games. Regardless, it’s nice to know that Sony is willing to continue to invest in its mobile business. It’s a sign that the Japanese company is not yet ready to give up.



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