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PlayStation makes another big esports acquisition

Sony’s gaming division is expanding further into esports with the acquisition of, an online tournament platform. hosts leaderboard-based tournaments in games like Fortnite, League of Legends, and Call of Duty: Warzone. Scoring typically tracks things like your number of kills or number of victories, and only your top few matches count toward the leaderboard. With those sorts of rules in mind, aims to make esports more accessible to more players, and still offers cash prize pools, or a proprietary currency that can be exchanged for things like gift cards on Amazon and various game platforms.
“At PlayStation, our vision for esports has always been about breaking down barriers for gamers to compete at all levels,” Steven Roberts, Sony’s VP of competitive gaming tells (opens in new tab). “Together with the talented team, we’re excited to explore more ways for players to engage in competitive gaming and expand the breadth of our esports offerings.”
Earlier this year, Sony announced its intent to introduce a Tournaments feature for PS5, an extension of a feature built with ESL for PS4. It seems likely that will be helping to develop the technology for this feature.
Last year, Sony acquired Evo, the most prominent tournament series in the fighting game community, as part of a joint deal with esports venture RTS. Evo continues to support non-PlayStation games, and will similarly continue to host tournaments for games on other consoles, PC, and mobile.
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