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PlayStation Continues its Esports Expansion by Acquiring

It seems as if PlayStation wants to continue its expansion beyond consoles and games. The latest acquisition is a tournament leaderboard platform known as This platform focuses on games that aren’t even available on the PlayStation family of console systems. So, could this mean that they want to be on the competitive side for games that are also on PC?
The PlayStation’s competitive expansion started with the announcement of its acquisition of the Evolution fighting game tournament (EVO). It then continued with the announcement of a partnership that would provide gaming accessories and monitors that would majorly benefit PC players. Now, we have an acquisition of a tournament holder for games that aren’t on PlayStation. hosts leaderboard tournaments that are designed to make esports more accessible. It tracks how players perform in games, allowing them to participate in competitions without having to be online simultaneously. Some of the games played in tournaments on this platform include games like DOTA, League of Legends, Fortnite, PUBG, and Call of Duty: Warzone.
And yes, before you ask, those games will continue to be hosted through following this acquisition by PlayStation. The acquisition will allow the platform to access more resources, game titles, and technology. Thus, broadening the platform’s reach beyond the aforementioned titles. Subsequently, allowing PlayStation to remain as a support for high-end tournaments on several branches beyond their consoles.
It’s interesting to see PlayStation’s growth beyond its console platform. While Microsoft aims to make gaming accessible through services like Game Pass, Sony seems to focus on the competitive side of games and helping Esportgs grow and become more accessible. Who knows? Maybe with their help, they will be able to help the more overshadowed tournament communities with their financial woes. But we’ll have to see how this expansion works out for them before that.



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