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“Only the Beginning!!”- Community Rejoices After Two Brothers Lead an eSports Program at Calhoun High School

Published 03/08/2023, 5:30 AM PST
Brothers Andrew and Alex Camacho have taken the lead in a new eSports program at Calhoun High School. Starting a revolution in the formal academic setting. To raise awareness for their joint venture to give the eSports scene a proper place in the traditional school and colleges they have started circulating their own newspaper.
“It’s time to play to win.” said the brothers in their previous news blog for the school. The Idea had been in development since last year. The CCISD approved the addition in their meeting, back in December last year. The Camacho brothers, with the help of the Information Technology department, pitched the idea to the board.
The gaming community rejoiced at the addition of eSports in schools
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Internet journalist and influencer drama reporter Jake Lucky shared a tweet reporting the recently launched newspaper service that the duo is planning to circulate. Other than raising awareness and notifying the followers about the latest updates in the program, the newspaper hopes to shed light on eSports as a viable sector in academics.
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Jake said on Twitter, “Thought we could use some positive esports news for once. This is Andrew and his brother Alex, who recently made their local newspaper for starting an esports program at their local High School” featuring a shot from a piece on the newspaper. He also reported that the program will be offering, “students digital graphics and videography classes, and have student coached teams, student social media managers, casters and talent”
“Only the beginning!!” said Andrew Camacho in the replies. Teasing a much more promising future in the field. Though the students won’t be competing in the upcoming Vanta Esports League, with their in-depth program and facilities they hope to make capable individuals who will become prominent names in the industry.
Fans were ecstatic seeing the development
The fans soon flocked to the replies, sharing their thoughts and opinions on the latest development in the field. The addition of the eSports department at Calhoun High School gives hope that, in the future, there will be more focus on online content creation and gaming as a profession and field of interest.
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What do you think about the future of eSports as an academic field? Do you think it has potential? Let us know in the comments below!



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