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Olympics Esports Series 2023: Dates, sports, games and more

The Olympics Esports Series 2023 has been announced, and we can reveal all the sports and games involved and the dates this exciting event will take place.
Of course, sporting fans typically tune in for the real Olympics, not the virtual one, but with the meteoric rise of Esports, it is no shock to see it recognised by the Olympics Committee.
There will be a lot of virtual sports involved based on actual sports currently in the Olympics, and it is a great way to get more people to watch this event.
So, let’s have a look into what this Olympic Esports Series looks to bring to both sports fans and the gaming community in 2023.
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There are a few key dates to remember for this event due to the fact that there is a lot that happens in the build-up to the 2023 Olympics Esports actually starting. There is a qualifying stage which starts and ends before the Series begins, and then we have the official dates for the competition as well. Here are the dates in full:
Olympics Esports Series Qualifying Stages: 1st March 2023 – 15th May 2023
1st March 2023 – 15th May 2023 Olympics Esports Series Finals: 23rd 2023 – 25th June 2023
What sports will feature in the 2023 Olympics Esports Series?
Olympics Esports week
There are a lot of great sports featuring in this competition, and you can tell this process has been thought about diligently as they are all ones which are key and essential to the Olympics. The sports involved in the 2023 Olympics Esports Series are:
What games will feature in the 2023 Olympics Esports Series?
Each of the sports listed above has not just been picked due to the fact that they are well-known Olympic sports, but also due to the fact that they all have some great video games. These are the ones that the Olympics have used for these sports:
Archery: Tic Tac Bow
Tic Tac Bow Baseball: WBSC eBaseball: Power Pros
WBSC eBaseball: Power Pros Chess: Cycling: Zwift
Zwift Dance: Just Dance
Just Dance Motorsport: Gran Turismo
Gran Turismo Sailing: Virtual Regatta
Virtual Regatta Taekwondo: Virtual Taekwondo
Virtual Taekwondo Tennis: Tennis – Clash
How to get tickets for Olympics Esports Series 2023
Tickets are not live yet for this great event; however, it has been officially confirmed how you can sign up and be the first to know about tickets being available. You can be notified by the Olympics as to when these tickets go live by signing up to the Olympics website. By having an account on the website linked, you can also watch live streams of the competition as well as highlights.
Where is the 2023 Olympics Esports Series being hosted?
Singapore has the delight of hosting this tournament for the couple of dates that this competition is live. All the games will be held at the Suntec Singapore Arena.
You can find out all of the latest Olympics News right here at GiveMeSport!



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