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Greatest Call of Duty Player of All Time Puts His Gun Down for the Last Time Leaving Gaming Community Shocked

Published 01/18/2023, 11:10 AM EST
January 16 was a dark day for Call of Duty fans. On this very day, one of the best Call of Duty professional players decided to take a step back from the competition by announcing his retirement. It is none other than Optic Gaming’s very own Scump.
The 26-year-old’s sudden retirement announcement has left both his fans and the community shocked and stunned. Let us take a look back at the marvelous journey he had as a professional Call of Duty star.
Scump: the face of Call of Duty eSports has retired
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Seth ‘Scump’ Abner began his career in 2011. He began his competitive journey with Team Obey. His game prowess helped him rise to fame pretty quickly. Soon he won his first-ever championship after his move to Quantic LeveraGe at the MLG Dallas.
Further in the future, he moved to the renowned Optic Gaming where he became the face of the franchise. His capabilities and maneuver skills in the game sure did help him paint his sky-arching status in the Call of Duty scene. Though they did not win much during that time, Scump was showcasing tremendous potential and was proving to be one of the best in the CoD scene.
The Ginja Ninja went on to win more than 30 titles in his career, one that is just a dream for many professional players. He amassed a huge prize pool in his career that is estimated at around $1 million! Moreover, he was one of the first eSports idols to get sponsored by the popular brand Oakley.
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He was still going on strong and earlier this season announced this might be his final one. But, he abruptly announced his retirement in mid of January 2023.
Pros and fans alike are shocked by his retirement
The eSports community when they heard about Scump’s decision to quit the pro scene was in shambles. They were obviously shocked by the decision but were seen reminiscing about the glory of the CoD King.
The one player who arguably has similar popularity like Scump is Nadeshot. The 100 Thieves founder was seen calling Scump ‘The greatest Call of Duty player of all time’ in his reply to Scump’s retirement announcement.
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The Call of Duty league was also seen commemorating the contributions of Ginja Ninja on the eSports front.
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It will be a nearly impossible challenge to fill the shoes of the GOAT. But the top name that pops up when talking about Scump’s replacement is Shotzzy. But surely he needs to utilize his potential to the maximum to reach the levels of King Scump.
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