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Gaming Community Comes Out in Massive Support of Mrbeast Following a Backlash Over His Recent Video

Published 01/31/2023, 8:00 AM EST
The eSports industry has come out in awe of MrBeast after he received major backlash despite showcasing a heartfelt act of kindness.
On January 29, 2023, MrBeast uploaded a fresh video on his youtube channel. It was one of the biggest uploads of all time, as the content creator flipped the content for his community. I mean, he did leave what he did best – ‘making the world a better place,’ helping 1,000 people get their vision back. Apparently, the YouTuber promised to pay for every person’s surgery as he found that it was a common problem that had a cure. However, the underprivileged could not opt for it as it was far from affordable. So, to eliminate the problem, the streamer produced this video, letting 1,000 people see our beautiful world.
Still, it looked like MrBeast fell prey to massive criticism as a handful of cynics found ways to bring him down. They called his act of kindness ‘charity porn,’ and that he only did it for views and money. So, to help the streamer during this dark time, the entire esports industry jumped in to support him.
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Esports industry backs MrBeast amidst Twitter chaos pertaining to his recent video
After MrBeast posted about his recent video upload on Twitter, a handful of haters landed in the replies. They called his project nothing but a fake way to make money and that he was doing little good for the world.
“Don’t Be Afraid to Take Risks” – MrBeast Sends Out a Courageous Message After His Recent Video Becomes His Best Masterpiece
So, Jimmy uploaded a post talking about this issue while slamming them. Here’s what he said, “Twitter – Rich people should help others with their money Me – Okay, I’ll use my money to help people and I promise to give away all my money before I die. Every single penny. Twitter – MrBeast bad.”
Source: MrBeast YT
It was just a matter of minutes before it caught the attention of various streamers and YouTubers, as they quickly hopped in to support him. They added positive comments to back their fellow creator, as he had to go through major backlash despite doing a good deed. Here’s what they had to say.
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All in all, it was a heartfelt moment for fans as they were happy to see the kind of support Jimmy got. After all, he seems to be staying true to his promise – to make the world a better place to live before he dies, and he still has a long way to go!



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