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Former NAVI Captain and Counter Strike Player ‘Boombl4’ Reveals Shocking News After His Departure From the Esports Team

Published 06/08/2022, 10:47 AM EDT
The former captain of Esports organization NAVI and Counter-Strike player, Kirill Mikhailov, better known as ‘Boombl4’, has been accused. The gamer revealed this news himself on his own Twitter account on Wednesday.
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In case anyone missed it, Boombl4 was recently removed from the NAVI due to the reputational risks involved. Well, it seems like the Counter-Strike gamer was yet to witness a bigger shock than that.
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And it eventually came in the form of an unexpected shake-up following his exit from the Esports organization.
Boombl4 shares a nightmarish experience after leaving NAVI
On Wednesday, the ex-NAVI player tweeted that he’s been roped in some unwanted troubles apart from his gaming life.
Well, it looks like nothing’s going smoothly for Mikhailov right now, ever since he got ousted from Natus Vincere. In his tweet, Kirill Mikhailov aka Boombl4 mentioned that some “fake information” about him is doing the rounds on the internet.
Boombl4 made it clear, though, that he will make a counter to this situation soon to prove his point. While closing his tweet, he thanked all of his well-wishers and people who were standing with him at the moment.
Speaking of support, then James Bardolph, who’s the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive commentator for FACEIT, extended his support to Boombl4. Soon after Kirill posted his tweet, Bardolph made a tweet in which he openly mentioned that the former NAVI captain is a kind person.
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James Bardolph wrote: “The only thing that needs to be shared today, Boombl4 has always been polite and lovely when I’ve met him :).”
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Last month, Kirill Mikhailov was removed from the roster of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive organization NAVI. It happened following an interview featuring Natus Vincere’s CEO. The latter had clearly stated that they won’t work with anyone who’s, in any way, associated with Russia, given the ongoing situation involving Ukraine.
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What are your thoughts on the current situation regarding Boombl4? Also, do you think he will ever make it to NAVI’s roster again in the future? Don’t forget to share your important views. Let us know in the comments below.



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