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ESL Polish Championship. Wis³a Kraków is the new champion! Defenders titles defeated Sport

The team of Wisła All in! Games Kraków, after over four hours of duel, won the Polish championship. Thus, in addition to the financial prize, the team won a place in one of the most prestigious tournaments in the Counter-Strike world – IEM Katowice 2022.
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The mood before the game was fighting. – I am very pleased with the way we presented ourselves. We came to Katowice to win and despite the fact that the opponent was difficult to defeat, we managed to do it. The game was also fun for the fans to watch, because it was very even. We are going in Katowice for the champion – said Grzegorz “SZPERO” Dziama³ek, the captain of the Vistula river.
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HONORIS also came for the highest place on the podium. It is true that the big “Wiktor” TaZ “Wojtas won the title of the champion in the spring edition of the tournament, but it happened at the green table after allegedly breaking the rules of competition by the x-kom AGO. Now TaZ and the company will want to prove that the hundred percent deserved this title, and most of all they will want to win the championship on the server.
The first map of Tuesday’s duel was Ancient. The newest location in the Counter Strike map pool was chosen by Wisła. The team from Krakow, however, did not start this meeting well, and the first half was looted by HONORIS with the score 9: 6. After the break, Wisła won the first pistol round, which should allow them to shorten the distance to their rivals. However, HONORIS won another round with an incomplete inventory, which allowed her to collect valuable points and keep her economy balanced. Ultimately, however, it was Filip “NEO” Kubski and the company that scored sixteen points on the map, which gave them the lead in the game 1-0.
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In the competition to two wins, the next map was Inferno. The rivalry was very even from the very beginning. There was not one player who stood out on the server. Snipers of both teams fought a fierce battle – Kuba “Marko¶” Markowski (Wis³a) and Sebastian “fr3nd” Ku¶mierz (HONORIS). The first half ended with the score 8: 7 and the other half had to decide the fate of this duel. The pistol round was won by HONORIS players, so there was another formality as well. This allowed them to gain a three-point advantage. Filip “NEO” Kubski and the company were only six rounds away from defending the title.
They were in their element with each subsequent round. After the winning rounds, TaZ irritated his opponents with his celebration, Miko³aj “mouz” Karolewski scored important frags, and the fr3nd was doing well with the sniper rifle. At one point, however, the situation on the server turned around. Wis³a All in! Games Kraków won seven rounds in a row and took the lead 14:13. HONORIS awakened in the 28th round. TaZ and the company won the next two rounds and they were only one to win the match, but Wisła Kraków did not give up and led to extra time. This one was full of emotions, but Wi¶lacy turned out to be better.
The third map, Nuke, was to decide about the Polish championship. The players fought not only with the rival, but also with stress and fatigue. Simple errors started showing, but the result was still on contact. HONORIS won six rounds in the attack, which was not a bad advance on the defending side, ie the theoretically easier one on this map. However, HONORIS badly entered the second part, and the Vistula River seemed to be just accelerating. Kamil “reiko” Cegie³ko, who was usually in the lead of the best frags in his team, won only three eliminations for eighteen rounds. All this made it Wis³a All in! Games Kraków has become the best team of the ESL Polish Championship in Autumn 2021.
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