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After G2 Esports Lost the “$15 to 20 Million” Coveted Valorant Spot, Carlos Rodriguez Drops the Bomb About His Future With the Organization

Published 09/24/2022, 6:30 AM EDT
Lately, the G2 Esports organization has been in talks inside the eSports community. Particularly, its CEO Carlos Rodriguez seemed to be the center of it as he was sighted partying with former kickboxer Andrew Tate, who has been in the midst of controversies for the past months. Recently, what came as a shock was Carlos announcing his resignation from the post of CEO of the G2 Esports organization.
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Former kickboxer Andrew Tate has been under the cloud of controversies for his comments and outlook on his lifestyle. Moreover, he is also banned from social networking sites. And the wagon of controversies had reached Carlos Rodriguez, former CEO of G2, in the past few days.
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The League of Legends team had recently bagged a win at the LEC Summer 2022. And as the members were celebrating, a Twitter clip posted by Carlos showed Andrew partying with him. Consequently, an uproar about his association with the former kickboxer spread like wildfire. Following this, Carlos got eight weeks’ leave from the organization.
Moreover, trouble also traced its path to further hurdle the eSports field. As the Valorant partnership program was enrolling its partnered teams, G2 lost the coveted spot. Also, famous YouTuber Ludwig told the community that the spot is worth “about $15 to 20 million.” Although, it is unclear what lead Carlos to approach a resignation. Given all these points, Carlos seems to have posted a tweet in an attempt to reconcile with the community.
Carlos Rodriguez tries to amend his relationships with the community in his latest tweet
Carlos Rodriguez has announced his resignation as CEO of the organization G2 Esports. In a tweet posted as ‘Thank you,’ he has propagated this message. Carlos starts by telling about how he felt about the happenings that have occurred in the past few days. He said, “I take full responsibility over everything that went on in the last few days.” Further, he said, “And trust me when I say I feel f****** destroyed about it.”
Looking back at his time in the organization, he said, “I created G2 eight-plus years ago and I bootstrapped it with what I earned as a player, invested everything into it, not only money but also time.” Furthermore, he said, “What initially was a dream of mine, eventually became a group of people with similar ambitions, culture, and goals. That’s something I will always look back to and be happy about.”
Therefore, as the tweet went online, fellow community members displayed their humble regard for the news. Here are a few reactions to the tweet:
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As of right now, it is unknown who will replace him as the organization’s CEO. Thus, the community has accepted and acknowledged his thankful greetings. All in all, the fans will be waiting to see who is brought on as the CEO of G2 Esports for the future.
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Who do you think will be the new face of the G2 Esports organization? Do tell us your guesses below.
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